Welcome message from Head of school​​


ABC International Preschoolへようこそ!

ABC IPの願いは一つ。未来を生きる子どもたちの幸せです。


未来にはきっと想像を超える、全く新しい時代が待っています。人々の働き方(経済)、関わり方(コミュニケーション)、暮らし方(生活様式)…すべてがガラリと変わる世の中で、人が幸せになる条件とは何でしょう?それは、個性を輝かせた魅力ある人であることと、それを使って他利に尽くす人間力だと考えます。名ばかりの学歴や実力の伴わない名声は影響を潜め、「一人一人の個性」と「他者の役に立てる力」がより重要視されてくるのではないでしょうか。ABC IPは子ども達の幸せを見据え、素地を築くことを使命としています。


2歳~6歳までの4年間で子供たちが受ける刺激が、その後の人格形成や進路選択に影響を及ぼすこと、そしてその責任を自覚し、ABC IPの門をくぐった生徒一人一人の幸せを願って子ども達と接しています。より善く子ども達を導けるよう、ABC IPのスタッフも日々成長していきたいと思います。


Welcome to ABC International Preschool (ABC IP). 


At ABC we have only one wish ー Children that are happy and successful in their future. Can you imagine the world 10, 20, 30 years from now?  It will be a whole new and different place that is beyond our imagination. 


What will lead to happiness when the way we work (economics), interact (communication) and live (way of life) will have drastically changed? The answer, in my opinion, is “who you are”, the qualities that you have inside of you. 

The reputation and the educational background that people may have admired, without looking closely at what they really mean, will have lesser importance. Rather, being who you are and being in service for others using your personal skills and traits will play an important role in obtaining happiness.

Here at ABC IP, we are looking to the future happiness of children and it is our mission to help establish its foundation.

My wish is for children to be understanding of others and to share happiness with all the people around the world in the future; just like the song “Imagine” by John Lennon. To realize this, it is important to have the ability to approach problems with a multilateral perspective and to be a well-balanced person who is self-assertive while at the same time accepting and understanding different opinions. 

An international preschool is an ideal place to practice these principles. Children will be exposed to different values while enjoying the freedom to express themselves openly and freely in an accepting environment. They can spread the “Roots of their Heart” deep in the ground to form the basis for strong and kind hearts. It is also essential to accept and understand the differing values and cultural backgrounds of English speaking countries in terms of living in a truly global society, as English is the most common language. 

We are aware that what is experienced between the ages of 2 to 6 will have a strong impact on future choices, further education and shaping a child’s personality. We will always bear these responsibilities in mind while educating children as we hope that every single child will have a happy and joyful life ahead. 


Our faculty members will strive to excel so we can better lead the way for children at ABC IP. We look forward to meeting parents and guardians who resonate with our philosophy and cooperate in making our school a better learning environment. Please come visit our school. We look forward to discussing your child’s education.

代表 今仁公美子

Head of School, Kumiko Imani